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Hyper Preterism, Honorary Doctorates, and other funny stuff.

Hello, my name is Tim Russell and welcome to my “Research Institute” in Ardmore Alabama. No, this is not a real research institute but it is as good as the many other "research institutes" out there in various man caves and home studios of people who want the title of "Doctor" but did not take the time or spend the money to actually earn the title. My research is mostly tools such as the Bible, Bible Hub, Blue Letter Bible, Google and a few commentaries etc.  On this day of 22nd of February 2024 I renewed my website. I built this site a few years ago in a not so serious manner but the beast that caught my interest is actually dangerous. The beast's name is Hyper Preterism and it sucks all hope out of Christians who fall for the ridiculous doctrine hyper preterists like Don K Preston push. It is nothing more than a new cult formed in the 1970s and it has many tenticles trying to grab anyone and everyone it can hang onto. I would like some ideas for Bible topics. If you have any ideas you want me to write about send them to me either down below in the Comment link or see me on Facebook under Tim Russell.

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