Here is an interview of Dr. Sam Frost. He is a former Hyper Preterist who left the movement and now works to show why it's not a Biblical movement. Although Dr. Frost is not a member of the Church of Christ and did not come out of the Church of Christ,  pay attention to the majority of hyper preterists  you'll notice a whole bunch of the leaders of it come out of the Church of Christ and many still claim to be members of the Church of Christ while at the same time attacking the Church of Christ. Such as Don K Preston, William Bell, Holger Neubauer just to name a few. I wish more popular Chuch of Christ voices were sounding the alarm over this doctrine, like Kyle Pope and John Welch. This video is dealing with some problems Hyper Preterism drag members into. When you have the time listen to this video. And remember while listening, Dr. Frost is a man who actually studied the Greek language and doesn't waste his or our time trying to convince us and the world that the historical translators and scholars got it wrong for two thousand years while he got it right. Dr. Frost is capable, for example  of showing how the mis-use and and abuse of the Greek language is a common theme for hyper preterists with words like "mello" etc. Give the video a listen when you have the time.  Keep in mind I don't endorce every channel I link but at the same time when I find a video or a link and post it it is because even those we sometimes disagree with we can find common ground. 

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