We Are Without Excuse


             I just renewed my yearly dues for this site and so at least for another year I have a place to study, vent, and post articles or videos and even You Tube and Rumble clips. At the end of this article will be a link to Ardmore Church of Christ YouTube sermons preached by Kevin Markum for almost two years now. In these modern times we all have too much access to information to remain ignorant of the scriptures. And that’s what I was thinking about when I came up with this article.

 Years ago, I used to read a lot of books. Then around 1992 I got internet access and upgraded an old computer from DOS to Windows 3.1 and added a ram memory chip so it could keep up with "modern technology". 

Remember Romans 1:20 "For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse,"









Not only do we now have the complete Word of God, but we also have what they had, the entire creation to observe and know there is a God. If they were without excuse for their negligence and ignorance, how can we justify remaining in ignorance when we have so much given that we can all verify any doctrine, or any statement made to us concerning God's will and man's imagination. We have the Bible, the Church, language translators, internet access, sermons, commentaries, old preachers, young preachers, most all of it free of charge and as easy as a phone app away or a mouse click away, as I prefer. 

There’re too many ways to take advantage of what's been given to us. I understand sometimes financial reasons we might have to cut back on things like TV or internet access or change a phone plan to the basics. I've done that myself. At one time I didn't know what exactly I was going to do but I did know I could do without Direct TV, a high phone bill, and sell a couple of cars I was restoring. The Church was still there, the Bibles I have were still there, preachers, teachers, anything we needed spiritually was still there and didn't cost a thing and in fact helped us out some. The point is even in hard times none of us are without what God has given the entire world. We all have more than just the creation to observe to know God's there and we can learn His will. We can all do without TV and other useless extras that are only distractions, but we have no excuse in doing without His word and knowledge He's given us.  The Church is here for us, purchased for us and free of charge. Some treat the Church as a social club to join or a gathering to hear good music and entertainment. If you find yourself coming home from an assembly and your main takeaway was "boy that was a good band", find another congregation. The Church assembly is NOT about the band! Read the scriptures and learn what the Church is for and why Jesus established it and why He calls the Church His Bride. I enjoy plucking on a guitar or banging on the drums for relaxation, but I leave them at home during the assembly with the saints. We come to gather to worship God, sing spiritual songs and hymns teaching and edifying each other. Colossians 3:16

As I said, we have too many aids and too many ways God has given us to learn His will for any of us to remain ignorant of it. He has not given us anything we are not able to do, and we are not tempted beyond anything we can bear. 1 Corinthians 10:13 So if you’re reading this take advantage of what’s been given. You’re online and so take advantage of that. There’s a lot of good sermons and commentaries out there. We are without excuse.

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